Enjoy a Juniper dinner with your special someone on Valentine's day. Orders must be in by Friday, February 12th at 5:00pm. Here are the four courses you'll receive, alongside a bottle of prosecco to cheers love:

First Course: Mushroom soup cappuccino and cheese gougeres.

Second Course: Tossed salad with pear, grated parmigiana, snow peas and candied walnuts.

Third Course: Your choice of...
A. Capresse chicken breast with basil, boccocini cheese, cherry tomatoes and balsamic drizzle.


B. Beef tenderloin with sauteed mushrooms and peppercorn cream sauce.

C. Vegetarian option: Mushroom, spinach, parmigiana polenta stacks with cheddar cheese and finished with dill.

**All plates will be accompanied with roasted asparagus and pommel duchesse potatoes


Fourth Course: Dessert love trio - Chocolate mousse, chocolate covered strawberries and a mini cocoa pavlova.

Valentine's Love Feast Box for 2

Third Course Choice
  • 18% Gratuity is added to all meal boxes. Added automatically to price. 

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